Shield Logo Lanyard With Rubber Id Holder

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You're an agent of SHIELD

Act like it.You recently curbed an LMD uprising and stymied a HYDRA plot to kidnaphomeless people and replace them with clones of Kanye West

Don't ask.Regardless of the seven levels of secrecy you're force to maintain as a loyal SHIELD agent you should certainly on occasion flaunt your access to sensitive super-secret prisons residing below the ocean.OurSHIELD Logo Lanyard with Rubber ID Holder allows you to flaunt said access and hold the IDs granting said access.Let's break it down A long adjustable band measuring roughly 20 from top to metal clip.Said band features stylishSHIELDlogos and symbols.A metal push-button clip for easy clipping!A clear plastic sleevebordered by a rubbery framesportinga circular SHIELD symbol.